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[~bandali/configs] / .bashrc
4 days ago Amin Bandali* .bashrc: Only source completions if available.
5 days ago Amin BandaliA few small but useful additions from a newly set up env
5 days ago Amin BandaliVarious deb packaging settings/conveniences
2022-05-20 Amin Bandali* .bashrc: reorganize, and update prompt
2021-10-19 Amin Bandaliadd change-theme script
2021-03-14 Amin BandaliMany uncommitted changes
2020-10-13 Amin BandaliSome adaptations for my current EXWM setup
2020-10-12 Amin Bandalibash: Disallow overwriting existing file using shell...
2020-10-12 Amin BandaliSwitch to EXWM
2020-10-06 Amin BandaliMove user-level configs out of rc.org
2020-04-12 Amin Bandalimove non-emacs configs to rc.org
2020-03-14 Amin Bandaliguix: break down monolithic profile into multiple small...
2020-01-08 Amin Bandalibash,guix: "fix" completion
2019-12-04 Amin Bandalibash: add t function
2019-09-23 Amin Bandalibash: slightly simplify prompt
2019-09-23 Amin Bandalibash: update prompt
2019-09-13 Amin Bandalibash: use i-beam cursor in terminals
2019-08-10 Amin Bandalishell: it probably makes more sense to start ssh-agent...
2019-08-10 Amin Bandalibash: set terminal title
2019-08-10 Amin Bandalibash: adapt bashrc for debian, taking some niceties...
2019-08-07 Amin Bandaliisync, bash, eshell: try imap syncing my gnu mail from...
2019-08-05 Amin Bandalishell: more flexible per-host profile configuration
2019-08-05 Amin Bandalibash: adapt config for guix system
2019-07-20 Amin Bandalishell: a bunch of uncommitted changes since i switched...
2019-07-14 Amin Bandalirename a few accounts and filenames
2019-06-06 Amin Bandalibash: add e and se alias for editing files with emacs
2019-05-19 Amin Bandaligetmail: move getmailrc to $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/getmail...
2019-05-12 Amin Bandalibash: fix config in emacs’s ansi-term and GNU Screen
2019-05-11 Amin Bandaliisync: move mbsyncrc to $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/isync
2019-04-14 Amin Bandalibash: aur(): only try cloning if it doesn’t already...
2019-04-14 Amin Bandalibash: set prompt earlier
2019-04-14 Amin Bandalibash: start ssh-agent if not running
2019-04-14 Amin Bandalibash: various tweaks
2019-04-14 Amin Bandalibash: history-related tweaks
2019-04-14 Amin Bandalibash: fish-like prompt
2019-04-14 Amin Bandalibash: bring over some aliases and customizations from...
2019-04-14 Amin Bandalibash: add .bash_profile and .bashrc