gnus: conditional mail setup based on hostname
[~bandali/configs] /
2020-10-06 Amin BandaliMove user-level configs out of
2020-09-27 Amin BandaliVarious config updates in
2020-04-15 Amin Bandali* Update Emacs font backend to...
2020-04-12 Amin BandaliAdd Tridactyl config
2020-04-12 Amin BandaliFix typo in my-i3status script name
2020-04-12 Amin Bandalidelete old config files
2020-04-12 Amin Bandalimove scripts from ~/.local/bin to
2020-04-12 Amin Bandalimove non-emacs configs to
2019-08-07 Amin Bandaliremove some old cruft from
2019-04-14 Amin remove zsh config
2019-04-13 Amin Bandaliscripts: pull current scripts out of & clean up
2019-04-13 Amin Bandaliconfigs: pull current configs out of & clean up
2019-04-05 Amin Bandali[rc/sway] various tweaks
2019-04-05 Amin Bandali[rc/i3status] some tweaks
2019-04-05 Amin Bandali[rc/sway] config for new u2518d monitor
2019-04-01 Amin Bandali[rc/sway] add input config block for my Atreus
2019-03-20 Amin Bandali[rc/tlp] update langa’s config for tlp-1.2
2019-02-22 Amin Bandali[emacs,rc] update personal email address
2019-02-12 Amin Bandali[rc/rofi-pass] change default_user2
2019-02-12 Amin Bandali[rc/pacman] enable libre-testing for now
2019-02-07 Amin Bandali[emacs,rc] add csclub mail
2019-01-31 Amin Bandali[rc/tlp] work around bluetooth getting enabled after...
2019-01-30 Amin Bandali[rc/pacman] add configuration and mirrorlist
2019-01-30 Amin Bandali[rc/mkinitcpio] add configuration
2019-01-30 Amin Bandali[rc/systemd] fix missing sudo prefix
2019-01-30 Amin Bandali[rc/Zsh] tweak zim templates
2019-01-30 Amin Bandali[rc/getmail] add a (commented) MDA_external dest type...
2019-01-30 Amin Bandali[rc/systemd] keep boot messages on tty1
2019-01-17 Amin Bandali[rc/msmtp] update fp’s tls_fingerprint
2019-01-17 Amin Bandali[rc/sway] add a few floating window rules
2019-01-16 Amin Bandali[rc/i3status] disable wireless status for now
2019-01-16 Amin Bandali[rc/urxvt] fix definitions for non-regular font styles
2019-01-07 Amin Bandali[rc/msmtp] update deb's tls cert fingerprint
2019-01-01 Amin Bandali[rc/sway] add sticky toggle binding
2018-12-28 Amin Bandali[rc] remove old configs: bspwm, sxhkd, offlineimap...
2018-12-22 Amin Bandali[rc/sway] darker colour for the bar
2018-12-12 Amin Bandali[rc/sway] use super+shift+e instead of XF86PowerOff...
2018-12-10 Amin Bandali[rc/zsh] add a few env vars related to guix and certs
2018-12-10 Amin Bandali[rc/zsh] set GUIX_LOCPATH and adjust PATH for guix
2018-12-06 Amin Bandali[rc/msmtp] add alias account for new address
2018-12-06 Amin Bandali[rc/sway] swap floating vs. tiled urxvt bindings
2018-12-04 Amin Bandali[rc/sway] super+shift+return for floating urxvt terminal
2018-12-01 Amin Bandali[emacs] add cpitclaudel's tangomod{,-dark} themes
2018-11-26 Amin Bandali[rc/pigeonhole] update and slightly simplify the sieve...
2018-11-18 Amin Bandali[rc] synchronize uw mail first (lower latency than...
2018-11-17 Amin Bandali[rc/] better format code, set rofi ...
2018-11-17 Amin Bandali[rc] add script for launching remmina...
2018-11-17 Amin Bandali[rc/rofi-light] don’t invoke light when esc was pressed
2018-11-16 Amin Bandali[rc/msmtp] update expected fp tls cert fingerprint
2018-11-10 Amin Bandali[rc/mbsync] actually delete messages instead of marking...
2018-11-09 Amin Bandali[rc/dovecot] enable fts_lucene for full-text search
2018-11-08 Amin Bandali[emacs,rc] Gnus + Isync + Dovecot configs, notmuch...
2018-11-05 Amin Bandali[rc] nix → deb, and a few useful aliases
2018-10-30 Amin Bandali[rc/{getmail,git,msmtp}] update to reflect fencepost...
2018-10-22 Amin Bandali[rc/{sway,i3status}] display screen icon on the bar...
2018-10-22 Amin Bandali[rc/sway] simple file-based presentation mode
2018-10-20 Amin Bandali[rc/sway] add notifications and screenshotting
2018-10-20 Amin Bandali[rc] fix arguments to light
2018-10-20 Amin Bandali[rc] be more quiet while fetching email
2018-10-20 Amin Bandali[rc/tlp] fix hostname
2018-10-20 Amin Bandali[rc/sway] don't automatically lock the screen
2018-10-20 Amin Bandali[rc/sway] per host input config
2018-10-17 Amin Bandali[emacs,rc] update mail and gpg key
2018-10-10 Amin Bandali[rc] update my gnu address once more
2018-10-10 Amin Bandali[emacs,rc] switch to Source Code Pro from Ubuntu Mono...
2018-09-25 Amin Bandali[rc] small misc changes
2018-09-25 Amin Bandali[rc/sway] change font from Ubuntu Mono to DejaVu Sans...
2018-09-21 Amin Bandali[rc/i3status] enable displaying ethernet status
2018-09-18 Amin Bandali[rc/{sway,X}] add custom keyboard layout, mapping Menu...
2018-09-17 Amin Bandali[rc/sway] bind XF86PowerOff to prompt for system exit...
2018-09-17 Amin Bandali[rc/sway] increase font size to 11
2018-09-16 Amin Bandali[rc/sway] increase locking delays and use Ubuntu Mono
2018-09-16 Amin Bandali[rc/sway] disable langa's touchapd
2018-09-16 Amin Bandali[rc] add swaylock configuration and lock screen when...
2018-09-16 Amin Bandali[rc/tlp] disable bluetooth on startup for langa
2018-09-16 Amin Bandali[rc/tlp] add config for langa (formerly enigma)
2018-09-15 Amin Bandali[rc/fontconfig] use Liberation Sans over Nimbus Sans...
2018-09-10 Amin Bandali[rc] a few changes and notmuch tags for new courses
2018-08-30 Amin Bandali[rc/notmuch] add work and lists/alloytools tagging...
2018-08-25 Amin Bandali[rc/notmuch] add uw/se212 tag rule
2018-08-22 Amin Bandali[rc/sway] fix rofi-pass binding
2018-08-18 Amin Bandali[rc/i3status] add pulseaudio volume and adjust battery...
2018-08-17 Amin Bandali[rc/i3status] customizations
2018-08-17 Amin Bandali[rc/{sway,tlp}] add rofi-pass binding, and plasma is...
2018-08-17 Amin Bandali[rc] switch from i3gs to i3status
2018-08-17 Amin Bandali[rc] fix alphabetical order of Configs sections
2018-08-17 Amin Bandali[rc] don't tangle some of the scripts I don't use anymore
2018-08-17 Amin Bandali[emacs,rc] update my gnu address
2018-08-11 Amin Bandali[rc/msmtp] update expected tls_fingerprint for nix
2018-08-08 Amin Bandali[rc/zim] update zssh_ids
2018-08-05 Amin Bandali[rc/zim] use new ssh key
2018-08-05 Amin Bandali[rc] use l/ instead of lists/ for nm tags. use gnu...
2018-08-04 Amin Bandali[rc] add nmam and nmam3 aliases for extracting patches...
2018-08-04 Amin Bandali[emacs,rc] add my new gnu address
2018-07-26 Amin Bandali[rc/sway] add back second argument of floating_modifier
2018-07-26 Amin Bandali[rc/i3gs] better spacing
2018-07-24 Amin Bandali[rc] add volume-info script for displaying volume in bar
2018-07-24 Amin Bandali[rc/battery-percentage-time] drastically improve the...
2018-07-24 Amin Bandali[rc] disable some i3gs blocks & change battery time...
2018-07-23 Amin Bandali[rc/sway] launch dunst on start, and swap bspwm & origi...