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1 [Jost*](
2 ========
3 ![Jost* Picture](
4 Jost* is an original font created by indestructible type*. It is inspired by
5 the 1920s German sans-serifs. This is version 3.5.
7 Jost* is designed and maintained by [Owen Earl](, who is the creator of the font foundry [indestructible type*](
9 About
10 -----
11 During the 1920s there was a radical shift in German sans serif letterforms. A marriage between the
12 precise geometry of earlier German sans serifs with the clean legibility of the humanists coming out of
13 England, yielded a geometric sans serif that is so iconic that it still looks as futuristic and forward-
14 thinking as it did almost 100 years ago. Jost* is an ode to this era of type design. Instead of trying to
15 recreate it precisely, Jost* aims to capture the spirit, using the technologies of today.
17 Jost* has 9 weights, ranging from Hairline to Black. It can support many languages, includes stylistic
18 alternatives, and both tabular and proportional numbers. Using Jost* on the web is as easy as copying a
19 line of code into your webpage and includes automatic updates. As of version 3.0, Jost* supports OpenType
20 Variable Font technology that allows users to control the exact weight and italic of the font. Best of all
21 Jost* is still being actively developed meaning it will continue to improve and future updates may include
22 features requested by you! [Visit the website for more information!](
24 ![Jost* weights Picture](
26 Changelog
27 ---------
28 <b>2.0</b>
29 Rebuilt from the ground up.<br>
30 <b>2.1</b>
31 Added oe ligatures to support French, fixed some italics<br>
32 <b>2.2 </b>
33 Added alternative a, fixed some kerning, fixed overshoot in bolder weights, added thin version!<br>
34 <b>2.3 </b>
35 Fixed missing kerning information on Book, Medium, and Bold weights<br>
36 <b>3.0 </b>
37 Redesigned and rebuilt to work as an OpenType Variable Font. Added Hairline, Semi, and Heavy weights. Added tabular number alternatives. Improved language support. General fixing of things.<br>
38 <b>3.1 </b>
39 Fixed metadata and metric issues<br>
40 <b>3.2 </b>
41 Renamed font from "Renner\*" to "Jost\*" due to international intellectual property rights concerns. Fixed some kerning issues, added capital sharp S, added Polish glyphs. Minor design fixes.<br>
42 <b>3.3 </b>
43 Added optical compensation to italics. Added Czech support. Minor tweaks and fixes.<br>
44 <b>3.4 </b>
45 Added Cyrillic alphabet (Russian support). Fixed metadata issues and added Romanian support.<br>
46 <b>3.5 </b>
47 Added some math symbols. Improved letterforms. Improved GitHub repo. Added automated script.
49 Web Use
50 -------
51 To use on your webpage, simply put the following line of code into the `<head>` of the webpage you'd like to display Jost* and use `font-family: 'Jost';` in your css.<br>
52 `<link rel="stylesheet" href="" type="text/css" charset="utf-8" />`
54 Building the Variable Font.
55 ---------------------------
56 Jost* is licensed under the [SIL open type license](, meaning that it is free to use and modify. However, because of the difficulty
57 associated with creating the OpenType Variable Font features, the compliled, functoning version of this font
58 requires a payment of $10 or more on the website. However, if you'd like to build this font yourself using
59 the source code, the follow the following instructions.
61 1. Download the complete source code, either by cloning this repository or downloading the .zip file.
63 2. Download and install:<br>
64 **fontmake** which can be found [here](<br>
65 **gftools** which can be found [here](<br>
66 **ttfautohint** which can be found [here](<br>
68 3. Run the script located in the "scripts" folder. This should make both the variable and non-variable versions of the font.
70 Contact
71 -------
72 If you have questions or want to help out, send me and email at