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2021-03-22 Amin Bandaliadd note about my Jami talk at LibrePlanet 2021
2021-03-13 Amin Bandalirevamp the website
2020-12-19 Amin Bandaliadd <subtitle> to atom feed
2020-12-18 Amin Bandaliadd concluding blog post for my fsf internship :-)
2020-12-12 Amin Bandaliwhoops, forgot a dnl
2020-12-12 Amin Bandalivarious enhancements, including valid atom and rss...
2020-12-12 Amin Bandalivarious small changes
2020-11-14 Amin Bandaliwhoops, forgot the paragraph tag
2020-11-08 Amin Bandaliadd disclaimer
2020-11-08 Amin Bandaliupdate repo name
2020-11-08 Amin Bandalimention my employment at SFL
2020-08-30 Amin Bandalifix publications anchor positioning
2020-07-31 Amin Bandalis/Dr./Prof./
2020-07-21 Amin Bandaliminor fixes
2020-07-17 Amin Bandalivarious updates
2020-07-17 Amin Bandalirename meta_notes.m4 to meta_defs.m4
2020-07-17 Amin Bandalimmath: better styling for abstract and license
2020-07-17 Amin Bandaliuse bandali-bib#bandali2020 instead of a bib file
2020-07-17 Amin Bandaliadd mmath thesis sources
2020-07-17 Amin Bandalivarious updates
2020-07-16 Amin Bandaliavoid circular dependency
2020-07-16 Amin Bandalimake publications and bandali-bib actual pages
2020-07-16 Amin Bandaliadd standalone publications page
2020-07-10 Amin Bandaliadd mmath page (wip)
2020-07-10 Amin Bandalibandali.eu.org -> bndl.org
2020-06-07 Amin Bandalia few tweaks
2020-05-30 Amin Bandalismall typo fixes
2020-05-30 Amin Bandaliadd introductory blog post for my fsf internship :-)
2020-05-14 Amin Bandaliupdate htaccess files and makefile according to new...
2020-05-14 Amin Bandaliupdate links to git repos
2020-04-28 Amin Bandalimove bandali.eu.org-specific bits of .htaccess to caffeine
2020-04-25 Amin Bandaliadd refinery-theme to #projects
2020-04-21 Amin Bandaliadd .htaccess
2020-04-21 Amin Bandalirename feed_* to meta_feed_* and simplify wildcard...
2020-04-21 Amin Bandalifix remaining issues with non-numeric slugs
2020-04-20 Amin Bandaliupdate url for some assets
2020-04-20 Amin Bandaliadd rss feed
2020-04-20 Amin Bandaliupdate se212-f19 page and files
2020-04-20 Amin Bandaliport from an SSI-based setup to one using GNU M4
2020-04-18 Amin Bandalimoving to caffeine
2020-04-18 Amin Bandalismall updates
2020-03-28 Amin BandaliLICENSE was supposed to be a symlink not a duplicate...
2020-03-28 Amin Bandaliremove some vestigial files
2020-03-28 Amin Bandaliadd missing license files (GPLv3+)
2020-03-28 Amin Bandalisimplify title logic
2020-03-28 Amin Bandaliuse ssi for more pages
2020-03-28 Amin Bandalissi on;
2020-03-28 Amin Bandalidelete vestigial common/ dir with mab icons
2020-03-28 Amin Bandaliconvert the site back into hand-written html
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2020-01-01 Amin Bandaliupdate my domain
2019-12-21 Amin Bandaliremove link to se212-f19/ from index, link it from...
2019-12-20 Amin Bandalispecify #:scheme
2019-12-20 Amin Bandaliadd guix.scm for use with guix environment -l guix.scm
2019-12-20 Amin Bandaliadd `title' to post tags, ask people to email me direct...
2019-12-20 Amin Bandaliuse two date formats (the second one more verbose,...
2019-12-20 Amin Bandaliremove some vestigial files, add (gnu) favicon
2019-12-18 Amin Bandalismall Makefile fixes
2019-12-07 Amin Bandalibreak haunt.scm down into smaller (bandali *) modules
2019-12-06 Amin Bandaliavoid repetition of post list table code
2019-12-06 Amin Bandalitweak feed icons and tag list styles
2019-12-06 Amin Bandaliimplement tag pages
2019-12-06 Amin Bandaliadd post-specific copyright years
2019-12-06 Amin Bandaliadd page-specific copyright years
2019-12-06 Amin Bandalismall tweaks to the arch post
2019-12-06 Amin Bandalitweak date format, add .gitignore and Makefile
2019-12-06 Amin Bandaliadd old arch on air post
2019-12-06 Amin Bandalitweak license info and footer
2019-12-05 Amin Bandalifurther tweak style and fix indentation
2019-12-05 Amin Bandalisimplify link styles and use text-decoration
2019-12-05 Amin Bandalitweak link style
2019-12-02 Amin Bandaliimplement optional last updated date for posts
2019-11-30 Amin Bandalivarious tweaks
2019-11-30 Amin Bandaliuse table for my-collection-template
2019-11-30 Amin Bandaliadd static se212-f19 page
2019-11-30 Amin Bandaliadd static cv page
2019-11-30 Amin Bandalislight tweaks
2019-11-30 Amin Bandaliavoid repeating the site url
2019-11-30 Amin Bandaliadd static contact page
2019-11-30 Amin Bandalireplace uses of `a' with my more convenient `aa' wrapper
2019-11-29 Amin Bandaliadd public inbox notice at the end of posts, simplify...
2019-11-29 Amin Bandaliadd static license page
2019-11-29 Amin Bandalitweak wording on index, add rss, adjust feed file-names
2019-11-29 Amin Bandalivarious style tweaks
2019-11-29 Amin Bandalibegin work on porting to haunt
2019-11-21 Amin Bandalicommit another bunch of changes
2019-09-14 Amin Bandalicommit recent changes
2019-08-29 Amin Bandaliadd now page
2019-08-18 Amin Bandaliexperiment with linking h1
2019-08-17 Amin Bandalitweak publication styles
2019-08-17 Amin Bandaliadd “on the side” bit
2019-08-17 Amin Bandalititle-case <title>s
2019-08-17 Amin Bandaliadd publications page
2019-08-14 Amin Bandaliuse bandali.eu.org
2019-08-05 Amin Bandaliadd wip cv and research interests pages
2019-08-05 Amin Bandalimake main narrower