2021-05-18 Amin Bandalignus: conditional mail setup based on hostname main
2021-05-18 Amin Bandaliemacs: tweak mode-line look
2021-05-18 Amin Bandalii3: add two new key bindings for convenience
2021-05-18 Amin Bandaliadd rofi-pamixer convenience scripts for changing volume
2021-05-18 Amin Bandalixdg: switch back to the ~/usr/ prefix
2021-05-18 Amin Bandalixresources: tweak urxvt colours
2021-05-17 Amin Bandalismall mail-related tweaks
2021-05-16 Amin Bandaliadd lisp/bandali-po.el with customizations for po-mode
2021-05-16 Amin Bandaliadd po-mode.el from the gettext repo
2021-05-16 Amin Bandalifix "M-r" binding for eshell history completion
2021-05-16 Amin Bandalibind "C-c f p" to find-file-at-point
2021-05-16 Amin Bandalivarious small email-related tweaks
2021-05-16 Amin Bandaliexperiment with using the default emacs completion...
2021-05-16 Amin Bandaliremove some long-unused vestigial bits and pieces
2021-05-16 Amin Bandalitridactyl: focus <video> tags using ;v
2021-05-16 Amin Bandalimigrate from msmtp (external) to emacs's own smtpmail
2021-05-16 Amin Bandalimigrate from ebdb to a simple ~/.mailrc
2021-04-27 Amin BandaliTweak Gnus setup.
2021-04-27 Amin BandaliLocal SFL mail.
2021-04-25 Amin Bandali* .emacs.d/lisp/bandali-erc.el: Don't set erc-lurker...
2021-04-24 Amin Bandali* .config/screen/screenrc: Lock screen when idle.
2021-04-20 Amin Bandali* .emacs.d/lisp/bandali-gnus.el: More convenient reply...
2021-04-20 Amin Bandali* .emacs.d/lisp/bandali-erc.el: Custom log directory...
2021-04-19 Amin Bandali* .emacs.d/lisp/bandali-erc.el: Look up certs from...
2021-04-14 Amin Bandali.config/msmtp/config: Update TLS fingerprints for shems...
2021-04-11 Amin BandaliUpdate ERC setup
2021-04-07 Amin BandaliTweak ERC settings, including enabling logging
2021-04-07 Amin BandaliCustomize mode-line faces only in graphical environments
2021-04-04 Amin BandaliAdd some missing bins
2021-04-03 Amin BandaliAdd configs for compton, dunst, i3, i3status, jami...
2021-03-28 Amin Bandali* .config/screen/screenrc: Use ^z (instead of ^a) as...
2021-03-28 Amin BandaliAdd dunst.service dbus file
2021-03-14 Amin BandaliMany uncommitted changes
2021-01-02 Amin BandaliAdd picom config
2021-01-02 Amin BandaliUpgrade exwm-edit
2020-11-22 Amin BandaliUse my own newline & reformat function for M-RET in...
2020-11-22 Amin BandaliA few accumulated changes
2020-11-22 Amin BandaliRemove (unused) magit config
2020-11-22 Amin BandaliRemove ivy, related packages, and my configs for it
2020-11-22 Amin BandaliA few more small changes
2020-10-21 Amin BandaliA few small uncommitted changes
2020-10-13 Amin BandaliSmall EXWM tweaks
2020-10-13 Amin BandaliSome adaptations for my current EXWM setup
2020-10-12 Amin Bandali* .emacs.d/lisp/bandali-ivy.el: Disable ido-mode when...
2020-10-12 Amin Bandalibash: Disallow overwriting existing file using shell...
2020-10-12 Amin BandaliSwitch to EXWM
2020-10-12 Amin BandaliChanges from new Parabola setup
2020-10-08 Amin BandaliAdd expand-region to `package-load-list'
2020-10-08 Amin Bandali* .emacs.d/lisp/bandali-erc.el: Tweak pals
2020-10-06 Amin BandaliRemove some vestigial stuff
2020-10-06 Amin BandaliMove user-level configs out of rc.org
2020-10-06 Amin BandaliMove GNU Emacs configs from ./ into .emacs.d/
2020-10-06 Amin BandaliFold lisp/bandali-utils.el back into init.el
2020-10-05 Amin BandaliPin ELPA package versions
2020-10-05 Amin BandaliRemove old Borg-specific Makefile
2020-10-04 Amin Bandali* lisp/bandali-magit.el: New file.
2020-10-04 Amin Bandali* lisp/bandali-erc.el: Small tweaks to the nick and...
2020-10-04 Amin BandaliMigrate from using Borg to ELPA
2020-09-27 Amin BandaliDrop no-littering
2020-09-27 Amin BandaliVarious config updates in rc.org
2020-09-27 Amin BandaliDrop use-package
2020-09-19 Amin Bandali* lisp/bandali-gnus.el: SFL mail setup
2020-09-13 Amin BandaliA few small accumulated changes
2020-08-16 Amin BandaliUpdate 5 drones
2020-08-15 Amin BandaliVarious ERC customizations
2020-08-12 Amin BandaliRemove erc-scrolltoplace
2020-08-12 Amin Bandali* lisp/bandali-gnus.el: Don't create groups for debbugs...
2020-08-12 Amin BandaliUpdate 2 drones
2020-08-11 Amin BandaliCHANGE 9 drones
2020-08-11 Amin Bandali* lisp/bandali-message.el: only use name when quoting...
2020-08-11 Amin Bandali* lisp/bandali-erc.el: add pals, show erc-track message...
2020-08-11 Amin Bandali* init.el: Disable diff-hl for now, don't set case...
2020-08-11 Amin BandaliA few small tweaks
2020-08-11 Amin BandaliAssimilate rt-liberation ed929f5
2020-07-31 Amin BandaliUpdate scpaste to 0.6.5-20-gcd4fa0a
2020-07-31 Amin BandaliUpdate 12 drones
2020-07-31 Amin BandaliAvoid moving CSC cron reports to Junk
2020-07-21 Amin BandaliUpdate mail signatures
2020-07-21 Amin BandaliVarious email-related changes
2020-07-21 Amin Bandaliuse-package debbugs
2020-07-21 Amin BandaliAssimilate 2 drones, update my znc fork's url
2020-07-02 Amin BandaliUpdate 17 drones and commit a bunch of changes
2020-04-26 Amin BandaliWork around incompatibility between orgalist and yasnippet
2020-04-25 Amin BandaliMove which-key footnote replacement to lisp/bandali...
2020-04-25 Amin BandaliMove ls-lisp config from init.el to lisp/bandali-dired.el.
2020-04-25 Amin BandaliRemove emmet-mode
2020-04-25 Amin BandaliAssimilate 8 drones
2020-04-25 Amin BandaliUpdate refinery-theme to v0.1.1
2020-04-25 Amin BandaliUpdate 3 drones
2020-04-25 Amin BandaliAdd and use my new Refinery colour theme
2020-04-21 Amin Bandali* init.el(b/duplicate-line-or-region): Remove unused...
2020-04-21 Amin Bandali* init.el(b/duplicate-line-or-region): New convenience...
2020-04-21 Amin Bandali* lisp/bandali-gnus.el: Some automatic processing for...
2020-04-21 Amin Bandali* init.el(scroll-conservatively): Use a sensibly large...
2020-04-20 Amin BandaliUpdate 4 drones
2020-04-18 Amin BandaliSmall cleanup
2020-04-18 Amin Bandali* init.el: Add b/join-line-top for joining the next...
2020-04-16 Amin BandaliAddress a few more byte-compiler warnings
2020-04-16 Amin BandaliAssimilate emmet-mode 1.0.8-119-g1acb821
2020-04-15 Amin Bandali* rc.org(Xresources): Update Emacs font backend to...