2 days ago Amin Bandali(Re)add SFL mail main
4 days ago Amin Bandali* .config/i3/config: Float pop-ups and a few other...
4 days ago Amin Bandali* .bashrc: Only source completions if available.
5 days ago Amin BandaliA few small but useful additions from a newly set up env
5 days ago Amin Bandali* .config/git/config: Small tweaks.
5 days ago Amin BandaliVarious deb packaging settings/conveniences
5 days ago Amin Bandali* .config/user-dirs.dirs: Use ~/u/ as the prefix.
5 days ago Amin BandaliVarious mail-related updates and cleanups
7 days ago Amin Bandali* .local/bin/startup-progs: Add host-specific X resources.
7 days ago Amin BandaliRevert "* .emacs.d/init.el: Enable electric-pair-mode."
8 days ago Amin Bandali* .emacs.d/init.el: Enable electric-pair-mode.
8 days ago Amin Bandali* .emacs.d/init.el: Use the default C-a behaviour.
8 days ago Amin BandaliSet font to Source Code Pro Medium 10.5 across the...
11 days ago Amin Bandali* .config/git/config: Add f alias for fetch.
11 days ago Amin Bandali* .config/git/config: Add l alias for log.
11 days ago Amin Bandali* .config/dunst/dunstrc: Update according to v1.5.0.
11 days ago Amin Bandali* .config/git/config: Set defaultBranch to main.
11 days ago Amin Bandali* .config/git/config: Default to my gnu.org address.
11 days ago Amin Bandali* .local/bin/my-i3status: Switch to Python 3.
11 days ago Amin BandaliDrop rofi in favour of dmenu
11 days ago Amin Bandali* .local/bin/passmenu: Import from password-store.
11 days ago Amin BandaliDrop YASnippet
11 days ago Amin BandaliDrop vestigial gtk settings files
11 days ago Amin Bandali* .config/profiles/chaman: Rename from jirud.
2022-11-14 Amin Bandali* .emacs.d/lisp/bandali-gnus.el: Move spam out earlier.
2022-08-28 Amin Bandali* .emacs.d/lisp/boxquote: Remove submodule (now install...
2022-08-20 Amin Bandali* .signature: Update.
2022-08-04 Amin Bandali* .emacs.d/lisp/bandali-message.el: Set `message-fill...
2022-08-04 Amin Bandali* .signature: Update.
2022-08-04 Amin BandaliA few small misc updates
2022-08-04 Amin Bandali* .config/git/config: Add alias instead of global email...
2022-08-04 Amin Bandali* .emacs.d/init.el: Drop most `startup' customizations.
2022-08-04 Amin BandaliUpdate/shorten various custom Emacs bindings
2022-05-30 Amin Bandali* .emacs.d/lisp/bandali-org.el: Disable org-indent...
2022-05-23 Amin Bandali* .emacs.d/init.el (b/invert-default-face): Only invert...
2022-05-22 Amin Bandali* .emacs.d/init.el: Fix logic for loading display-fill...
2022-05-22 Amin Bandali* .local/bin/rofi-light: Increase width by one character.
2022-05-22 Amin Bandali* .config/mpv/mpv.conf: Add, containing the emacsconf...
2022-05-21 Amin Bandali* .emacs.d/init.el: Cleanups and fixes throughout.
2022-05-20 Amin Bandali* .emacs.d/init.el (b/*scratch*): Invert `mode-line...
2022-05-20 Amin BandaliImprove usability of rofi-light and rofi-pamixer wrappers
2022-05-20 Amin BandaliSmall keyboard-related profile updates/fixes
2022-05-20 Amin BandaliAdd Gnus and mbsync configurations for @kelar.org email
2022-05-20 Amin Bandali* .emacs.d/init.el: Scroll conservatively and don't...
2022-05-20 Amin Bandali* .emacs.d/lisp/bandali-message.el (message-dont-reply...
2022-05-20 Amin BandaliImport cmake-mode.el and add cmake-font-lock submodule
2022-05-20 Amin BandaliAdd ffs (form feed slides) mode for GNU Emacs
2022-05-20 Amin Bandali* .emacs.d/init.el: Small cleanups.
2022-05-20 Amin BandaliRewrite `b/*scratch*' function in init file
2022-05-20 Amin BandaliDrop `csetq' macro and use good old `setq' and `setq...
2022-05-20 Amin Bandali* .Xresources.d/emacs: Clean up old commented entries.
2022-05-20 Amin BandaliCustomize my tridactyl theme, and add and use light...
2022-05-20 Amin Bandali* .config/tridactyl/themes/bandali-dark.css: Import...
2022-05-20 Amin Bandali* .config/tridactyl/tridactylrc: Add bindings for watch...
2022-05-20 Amin Bandali* .config/fontconfig/fonts.conf: Use FreeSans and Sahel...
2022-05-20 Amin Bandali* .emacs.d/init.el: Add 'b/invert-default-face' as...
2022-05-20 Amin Bandali* .emacs.d/init.el: No, I don't want a variable-pitched...
2022-05-20 Amin Bandali* .emacs.d/init.el: Add "/usr/share/info/" to 'Info...
2022-05-20 Amin Bandali* .emacs.d/init.el: Add some i3-like windmove bindings.
2022-05-20 Amin Bandali* .emacs.d/init.el: Extend zoneinfo-style-world-list.
2022-05-20 Amin Bandali* .emacs.d/init.el: Disable package version pinning...
2022-05-20 Amin Bandali* .config/jami.net/Jami.conf: Update.
2022-05-20 Amin BandaliA few font-related tweaks
2022-05-20 Amin BandaliRevert recent GnuPG experiments.
2022-05-20 Amin Bandali* .local/bin/change-theme: Only call emacsclient there...
2022-05-20 Amin Bandali* .config/rofi-pass/config: Finally switch default_user...
2022-05-20 Amin Bandali* .emacs.d/lisp/bandali-erc.el: freenode -> libera...
2022-05-20 Amin Bandali* .config/screen/screenrc: Increase idle lock from...
2022-05-20 Amin Bandali* .xinitrc: Remove unused file.
2022-05-20 Amin Bandali* .signature: Use new site address.
2022-05-20 Amin Bandali* .profile: export GPG_TTY=$(tty)
2022-05-20 Amin Bandali* .bashrc: reorganize, and update prompt
2022-05-20 Amin Bandaligit: use 'main' for default branch name for new repos
2022-05-20 Amin Bandaligit: use my @kelar.org address (and its smtp server...
2021-10-19 Amin Bandaliadd change-theme script
2021-10-19 Amin Bandalimove some machine-specific keyboard settings to their...
2021-10-19 Amin Bandaligpg: set pinentry-mode to loopback
2021-10-19 Amin Bandaligetmail: delete mail from server immediately
2021-10-19 Amin Bandalimbsync: increase timeout for gnu account sync
2021-10-19 Amin Bandalisignature: simplify
2021-10-19 Amin Bandaliemacs: update package versions, ditch orgalist, remove...
2021-10-19 Amin Bandaliremove some vestigial configs
2021-10-19 Amin Bandalixterm: specify the configs more generally so that it...
2021-10-18 Amin Bandalii3: switch from urxvt to xterm
2021-10-18 Amin Bandaliuser-dirs: rename XDG_TEMPLATES_DIR from temp to tmpl
2021-10-18 Amin Bandalixterm: set scrollTtyOutput: false and saveLines: 100000
2021-10-18 Amin Bandalix: add xterm config
2021-10-17 Amin Bandaliseveral uncommitted changes
2021-05-18 Amin Bandalignus: conditional mail setup based on hostname
2021-05-18 Amin Bandaliemacs: tweak mode-line look
2021-05-18 Amin Bandalii3: add two new key bindings for convenience
2021-05-18 Amin Bandaliadd rofi-pamixer convenience scripts for changing volume
2021-05-18 Amin Bandalixdg: switch back to the ~/usr/ prefix
2021-05-18 Amin Bandalixresources: tweak urxvt colours
2021-05-17 Amin Bandalismall mail-related tweaks
2021-05-16 Amin Bandaliadd lisp/bandali-po.el with customizations for po-mode
2021-05-16 Amin Bandaliadd po-mode.el from the gettext repo
2021-05-16 Amin Bandalifix "M-r" binding for eshell history completion
2021-05-16 Amin Bandalibind "C-c f p" to find-file-at-point
2021-05-16 Amin Bandalivarious small email-related tweaks