descriptionMy configuration for GNU Emacs and other programs
last changeTue, 18 May 2021 22:54:57 +0000 (18:54 -0400)
2021-05-18 Amin Bandalignus: conditional mail setup based on hostname main
2021-05-18 Amin Bandaliemacs: tweak mode-line look
2021-05-18 Amin Bandalii3: add two new key bindings for convenience
2021-05-18 Amin Bandaliadd rofi-pamixer convenience scripts for changing volume
2021-05-18 Amin Bandalixdg: switch back to the ~/usr/ prefix
2021-05-18 Amin Bandalixresources: tweak urxvt colours
2021-05-17 Amin Bandalismall mail-related tweaks
2021-05-16 Amin Bandaliadd lisp/bandali-po.el with customizations for po-mode
2021-05-16 Amin Bandaliadd po-mode.el from the gettext repo
2021-05-16 Amin Bandalifix "M-r" binding for eshell history completion
2021-05-16 Amin Bandalibind "C-c f p" to find-file-at-point
2021-05-16 Amin Bandalivarious small email-related tweaks
2021-05-16 Amin Bandaliexperiment with using the default emacs completion...
2021-05-16 Amin Bandaliremove some long-unused vestigial bits and pieces
2021-05-16 Amin Bandalitridactyl: focus <video> tags using ;v
2021-05-16 Amin Bandalimigrate from msmtp (external) to emacs's own smtpmail
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