amin/cvMy academic curriculum vitae Amin Bandali3 months
amin/dotfilesMy configuration for GNU Emacs and other pieces of software I useAmin Bandali4 hours
amin/george-modeEmacs major mode for editing George files Amin Bandali5 weeks
amin/logical-verificationMy solutions for exercises and homeworks of Logical Verification 2018-2019Amin Bandali3 months
amin/siteMy personal siteAmin Bandali5 weeks
amin/znc.elMy fork of ZNC.el with some PRs appliedAmin Bandali7 weeks
amin/alloy-catalystFork of alloy with my catalyst branch (for CS 846) Amin Bandali3 months
amin/ic3z3A Z3-based IC3 implementation (for ECE.750t29) Amin Bandali3 months