2021-11-07 Amin Bandalifa: typo fix main
2021-11-07 Amin Bandalirearrange many of the pages/files for better organization
2021-11-06 Amin Bandalisome small tweaks
2021-11-06 Amin Bandalifa: add missing abbrs for kernel in computing post...
2021-11-06 Amin Bandaliuse a centred body layout
2021-11-05 Amin Bandaliswitch from git-annex to simple manually-managed symlinks
2021-11-05 Amin Bandaliupdate/fix urls throughout
2021-11-05 Amin Bandaliadd custom python3 'serve' script based on http.server
2021-11-05 Amin Bandalismall link tweaks
2021-11-05 Amin Bandalia few more link fixes
2021-11-05 Amin Bandalicv: fix addresses
2021-11-05 Amin Bandalirestore se212-19, now as a folder with material through...
2021-11-05 Amin Bandaligit-annex in bandali@jirud:~/src/site
2021-11-05 Amin Bandalimmath: add thesis pdf and source ball (through git...
2021-11-05 Amin Bandalimake mmath a directory
2021-11-04 Amin Bandaliswitch back to hand-written html and feeds
2021-10-25 Amin Bandalibandali(.fa).txt: link to atom and rss feeds
2021-10-22 Amin Bandalitxt2pre: '<updated>' in '<entry>' is required in atom...
2021-10-22 Amin Bandalitxt2pre: use '&#8212;' instead of '&mdash;' (to fix...
2021-10-22 Amin BandaliGNUmakefile: fix generation of atom and rss feeds
2021-10-22 Amin Bandalitxt2pre: eliminate 'Use of uninitialized value ......
2021-10-22 Amin Bandalitxt2pre: implement generation of atom and rss feeds
2021-10-22 Amin Bandalicontact: move link to pubkey a bit higher up
2021-10-10 Amin Bandalifa: fix computing link
2021-10-10 Amin Bandalicomputing: update the bit about site setup
2021-10-10 Amin Bandalitxt2html: rename to txt2pre
2021-10-10 Amin Bandalitxt2html: support extracting publish/update dates ...
2021-10-10 Amin Bandalistop bugging the server for a favicon; i don't have...
2021-10-10 Amin Bandalirestore dark mode/theme
2021-10-10 Amin Bandalicomputing: update the blurb about the site setup
2021-10-10 Amin Bandalifa: update 404 page links
2021-10-10 Amin Bandalifa: fix projects page link
2021-10-10 Amin Bandalifa: update links to point to html versions
2021-10-10 Amin Bandalismall tweaks and cleanups
2021-10-10 Amin Bandaliadd rel="alternate" links to articles and indices
2021-10-10 Amin Bandalitxt2html: use Getopt::Long for saner command line arg...
2021-10-10 Amin Bandalitransition to a simple txt-based setup, plus txt2html
2021-10-04 Amin Bandalicolophon: tweak to mention plain text version as well
2021-09-27 Amin Bandalicv: tweak a job title
2021-09-01 Amin Bandalicv: swap order of emails
2021-09-01 Amin Bandalicv: bump last update
2021-08-31 Amin Bandaliadd ielts score to cv and fix small typo
2021-08-31 Amin Bandalismallish spelling fixes
2021-07-27 Amin Bandalifix a few bib links
2021-07-27 Amin Bandalitweak order of more <link>s in atom and rss feeds
2021-07-26 Amin Bandalitweak order of <link>s in atom feeds
2021-07-26 Amin Bandaliadd atom and rss feeds
2021-07-26 Amin Bandalifix bold typeface names for sahel
2021-07-26 Amin Bandaliuse the beautiful Sahel font for persian text
2021-07-25 Amin Bandalirevamp the site and go fully static
2021-05-16 Amin Bandalidon't regenerate the feeds when non-note m4 files change
2021-04-05 Amin Bandalifix email on cv
2021-03-31 Amin Bandalifix two links
2021-03-22 Amin Bandaliadd note about my Jami talk at LibrePlanet 2021
2021-03-13 Amin Bandalirevamp the website
2020-12-19 Amin Bandaliadd <subtitle> to atom feed
2020-12-18 Amin Bandaliadd concluding blog post for my fsf internship :-)
2020-12-12 Amin Bandaliwhoops, forgot a dnl
2020-12-12 Amin Bandalivarious enhancements, including valid atom and rss...
2020-12-12 Amin Bandalivarious small changes
2020-11-14 Amin Bandaliwhoops, forgot the paragraph tag
2020-11-08 Amin Bandaliadd disclaimer
2020-11-08 Amin Bandaliupdate repo name
2020-11-08 Amin Bandalimention my employment at SFL
2020-08-30 Amin Bandalifix publications anchor positioning
2020-07-31 Amin Bandalis/Dr./Prof./
2020-07-21 Amin Bandaliminor fixes
2020-07-17 Amin Bandalivarious updates
2020-07-17 Amin Bandalirename meta_notes.m4 to meta_defs.m4
2020-07-17 Amin Bandalimmath: better styling for abstract and license
2020-07-17 Amin Bandaliuse bandali-bib#bandali2020 instead of a bib file
2020-07-17 Amin Bandaliadd mmath thesis sources
2020-07-17 Amin Bandalivarious updates
2020-07-16 Amin Bandaliavoid circular dependency
2020-07-16 Amin Bandalimake publications and bandali-bib actual pages
2020-07-16 Amin Bandaliadd standalone publications page
2020-07-10 Amin Bandaliadd mmath page (wip)
2020-07-10 Amin Bandalibandali.eu.org -> bndl.org
2020-06-07 Amin Bandalia few tweaks
2020-05-30 Amin Bandalismall typo fixes
2020-05-30 Amin Bandaliadd introductory blog post for my fsf internship :-)
2020-05-14 Amin Bandaliupdate htaccess files and makefile according to new...
2020-05-14 Amin Bandaliupdate links to git repos
2020-04-28 Amin Bandalimove bandali.eu.org-specific bits of .htaccess to caffeine
2020-04-25 Amin Bandaliadd refinery-theme to #projects
2020-04-21 Amin Bandaliadd .htaccess
2020-04-21 Amin Bandalirename feed_* to meta_feed_* and simplify wildcard...
2020-04-21 Amin Bandalifix remaining issues with non-numeric slugs
2020-04-20 Amin Bandaliupdate url for some assets
2020-04-20 Amin Bandaliadd rss feed
2020-04-20 Amin Bandaliupdate se212-f19 page and files
2020-04-20 Amin Bandaliport from an SSI-based setup to one using GNU M4
2020-04-18 Amin Bandalimoving to caffeine
2020-04-18 Amin Bandalismall updates
2020-03-28 Amin BandaliLICENSE was supposed to be a symlink not a duplicate...
2020-03-28 Amin Bandaliremove some vestigial files
2020-03-28 Amin Bandaliadd missing license files (GPLv3+)
2020-03-28 Amin Bandalisimplify title logic
2020-03-28 Amin Bandaliuse ssi for more pages
2020-03-28 Amin Bandalissi on;