gnus: conditional mail setup based on hostname
[~bandali/configs] / .gitignore
2020-10-06 Amin BandaliMove GNU Emacs configs from ./ into .emacs.d/
2020-04-12 Amin Bandalirelax .gitignore a bit
2020-04-12 Amin Bandalimove emacs files from .emacs.d to .
2019-04-14 Amin Bandaligit: ignore everything
2019-04-13 Amin Bandaliemacs: move configuration to .emacs.d
2018-12-26 Amin BandaliMerge branch 'straight-next'
2018-12-24 Amin Bandali[emacs][wip] remove all the package submodules
2018-12-24 Amin Bandali[emacs][wip] begin migration to straight.el
2018-12-23 Amin Bandali[emacs] dired hide details by default, ignore /var...
2018-12-22 Amin Bandali[emacs] remove and ignore {early-,}init.el again
2018-12-22 Amin Bandali[emacs] unignore and add {early-}init.el
2018-12-12 Amin Bandali[emacs] commit var/abbrev.el abbrevs file
2018-12-09 Amin Bandali[emacs] unignore bbdb-autoloads.el
2018-11-18 Amin Bandali[emacs] assimilate and add eshell-up, add eshell aliase...
2018-11-01 Amin Bandali[emacs] assimilate slack and deps, clear up .gitignore...
2018-10-21 Amin Bandali[emacs] assimilate pdf-tools and deps
2018-04-29 Amin Bandali[emacs] remove previous [experimental] emacs config
2018-04-28 Amin Bandali[emacs] add Borg's layer/essentials init, with some...
2018-04-26 Amin Bandali[emacs] prepare for Borg-ification
2016-12-13 Amin BandaliAdd my GNU email
2015-06-26 Amin Bandaliignore ranger history,bookmarks,tagged
2014-10-26 Amin Bandaliimprove gitignore
2014-10-26 Amin Bandaliadd gitignore