gnus: conditional mail setup based on hostname
[~bandali/configs] / .gnupg /
2021-03-14 Amin BandaliMany uncommitted changes
2020-10-13 Amin BandaliSome adaptations for my current EXWM setup
2020-10-06 Amin BandaliMove user-level configs out of
2020-04-12 Amin Bandalimove non-emacs configs to
2020-03-31 Amin Bandaliscattered updates
2020-01-23 Amin Bandaliupdate some more bandali references to mab
2020-01-08 Amin Bandaliemacs,gnupg: use emacs for pinentry again
2019-08-31 Amin Bandaliemacs,gnupg: do pinentry outside emacs
2019-08-05 Amin Bandaliemacs: transition to guix (from straight.el)
2019-07-04 Amin Bandaliemacs: try out pinentry
2019-06-28 Amin Bandalignupg: explicitly allow-loopback-pinentry
2019-06-09 Amin Bandalignupg: use a gtk3-based pinentry-program
2019-04-13 Amin Bandaliconfigs: pull current configs out of & clean up