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[~bandali/site] / contact.m4
1 dnl -*- html -*-
2 define(__title, `contact information')dnl
3 define(__slug, `contact')dnl
4 include(header.html)dnl
6 <article>
7 <h1>__title</h1>
8 <p>Email is by far my preferred method of communication, and you can
9 write to me at bandali at gnu dot org. For GPG-encrypted mail, you
10 can use my <a href="bandali-pubkey.txt">public key</a> with the
11 fingerprint
12 <code>BE62 7373 8E61 6D6D 1B3A 08E8 A21A 0202 4881 6103</code>.</p>
14 <p>Besides email, I can also usually be reached via IRC, particularly
15 the <a href="">freenode</a> and
16 <a href="">oftc</a> networks, where I idle
17 as <code>bandali</code>. For other means of communication, please
18 send me an email and we can figure something out if needed.</p>
20 include(footer.html)dnl